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We survey individuals and companies regarding the likelihood that they would recommend a particular website hosting product or service to their clients and/or peers in the future based on their own experience using that product/service. Our future plans are to drill-down even further and survey for ease-of-use, scalability, and service.

We use this information to better inform our clients and we also plan to publish this data, at no charge, in the near future. This data will be up to date for any given 90-day timeframe as well as overall historical data. Our goal is to become a one-stop solution for clients who want to make a data-driven decision on selecting the right hosting service for their needs and requirements.

Our current survey includes the broadest range of web hosting services, from free to enterprise solutions and we are currently gathering data for the fourth quarter of 2018 to be published in the first quarter of 2019.

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About us

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